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Chief Technology Officer Service

Clients enrolled in WeiserTek's Chief Technology Officer Services are assigned a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) whose priority is to keep their business on the fast track to success. CTO Services give WeiserTek clients access to highly experienced IT managers who are experts in applying business technology to achieve business goals. Your CTO has the ultimate responsibility for making sure your business is gaining as much value from this service by:

Chief Technology Officer

  • Acting as your trusted business technology advisor on all technology issues
  • Helping to incorporate technology plans that support your overall business strategy and goals
  • Using proprietary tools and processes tried and trusted by WeiserTek to guide your business technology decisions
  • Ensuring the best technology investments for your business are made and are producing the highest ROI
  • Monitoring of overall IT managed services performance; ensuring the highest levels of service for our clients
  • Discussing most advantageous technological routes for your company's overall continuous advancement
  • Providing assistance with technical documentation to help your business comply with industry regulations

Schedule CTO Calls

Your WeiserTek CTO is an extremely valuable asset to your company. Your CTO should be viewed as a strategic part of your executive team; bringing years of industry knowledge to your critical business decisions. You should plan on setting aside time with your CTO for discussion a regular basis, (just as you would any other critical employee.) Meeting with your CTO regularly helps to insure they are up to speed with your company's vision, helping to ensure maximum value is achieved for your organization.